best badminton rackets brands

A good and reliable racket with a proper string tension proves to be very effective in a badminton game. A good badminton is a source for your full enjoyment whether you play badminton game just for time pass or you are a professional player. Buying a badminton racket for the game is a very small investment so make sure you spend your money in a best racket. Before you go to market and buy a racket consider some top brands of badminton and check out all the features of the rackets they are providing.

List of Top Badminton Rackets Brands:

Here is a list of top 3 best badminton rackets brands.

  1. YONEX
  3. LI NING


Yonex is on the top among top badminton rackets brands because of its quality and innovations. This company produces one of the best badmintons in the whole world. Company Yonex is among the main sponsors of All England Badminton Championships. Yonex rackets provides a guarantee of speed, stability, relabilty and durability. The Arcsaber series of the Yonex is very popular for its power. Yonex rackets are very popular among professionals.

best badminton rackets brands


Carlton company was developed in 1946. Carlton is very famous for its best quality and reliable rackets. One of the scientific proof that this company is commited to high quality and innovation is that in the year 2009 carlton introduced the Carlton Badminton System. One of the best creations of this company is lgnite iso blade and vapor.


Li ning is a china company and it is located in Beijing. Li Ning is one the most popular company for producing sports equipment within china and its products are popular through out the world. Li Ning Woods 80 is one the racket which was used by the top players in 2017. In the US in most of the training academies Li Ning rackets are used by most of the players.


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